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Exclusive Product Focus

Exclusive Product Focus

We only market Fine Archtop Guitars, Classical Guitars, and Guitar Amps. No junk. No trash.

We review all listings, and our strong focus means you’ll see faster conversions because buyers get to see your gorgeous guitars without having to wade through hundreds of unrelated products they have no interest in.

It is our primary goal to become the first stop for buyers looking to purchase a fine archtop or classical guitar.

Fair & Transparent Pricing

Fair & Transparent Pricing

We like to keep things simple. And we prefer to keep seller costs low. In fact, we believe our pricing structure is among the very lowest of any online marketplace:

There is NO COST to list your gear for sale. When your item sells, your only costs are the low seller fee (4.5%) and usual payment processing fees.

            4.5% Seller Fee

            2.9% + $0.30 Payment Processing Fee
            7.4% + $0.30 total seller cost

You keep 92.6% – $.30

Buy & Sell with Confidence

Buy & Sell with Confidence

We use PayPal for all transactions because PayPal provides the most extensive protection for buyers and sellers. No endless back-and-forth nonsense with so-called “expert teams” of other marketplaces. 

Get what was advertised or get a refund.

Buyers and sellers on Gorgeous Guitars must be PayPal Verified. If you’re not yet a verified PayPal Member, now is a good time to take care of it (it’s quick and simple).

No Sales Tax (most states)

No Sales Tax (most states)

Why not?

Most states require marketplaces (or “marketplace facilitators”) like ours to first reach a certain threshold of sales revenue (or “Nexus”) in their state before being required to collect sales tax on goods delivered into their state. In the vast majority of states, that threshold is $100,000.

Since we’ve only recently launched, it will be awhile before we reach “nexus” in any one state, and we won’t be required to collect sales tax until we do.

Retail dealers may have additional sales tax obligations, which vary from state to state, and you will be advised if state sales tax applies to your purchase. Dealers are expected to be well-aware of the applicable tax laws of their own state.

Note that, since Gorgeous Guitars is located in New York state, we are required to collect sales tax on all sales delivered into NY regardless of the nexus status of the seller (sorry). 


Dealers - Accelerate Online Revenue

DEALERS – Accelerate Online Revenue 

Attract new customers by adding our uniquely-focused online marketplace destination to your marketing toolkit. Enjoy low-cost expanded reach while we do the marketing, and you maintain full control over your most valuable inventory.

Contact us today to learn more.



Yes, we occasionally take special instruments on consignment. We’ll create a professional photo-shoot, promote your gear online, and take care of all details for you, as if it’s one of our own.

If you have a special instrument that you would like us to sell for you, contact us today to discuss.

We’re friendly. And we love great gear.