1954 Gibson ES-175 ALL ORIGINAL with P90 PICKUP – Spectacular, Time-capsule Condition!







ES-175 P90

Woods / Finish

Vintage Sunburst

Scale Length

24 3/4"

Nut Width

1 11/16"


Near Mint

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Gorgeous one-of-a-kind TIME-CAPSULE Condition

~ Very Collectible ~

Unusually spectacular 1954 Gibson ES-175 archtop guitar with single P90 pickup, the de facto jazz standard, IN MINT CONDITION!

You know, I sometimes wonder myself how I come across such truly incredible guitars. If you thought our 175/CC was unbelievable, you're in for a real treat here, as this is one very special instrument.

As related to me, this 1954 ES-175 guitar apparently was purchased in 1955 by a woman in her mid-thirties who wanted to learn to play. Unfortunately, after only a few lessons, she found she could no longer devote the time, and placed the guitar back in its case, WHERE IT HAS REMAINED FOR THE LAST FIFTY YEARS!!!!!!

There is absolutely NO checking whatsoever anywhere on the instrument, and the finish looks nearly new. Let me say that again: ****THERE IS NO CHECKING AT ALL. THE ORIGINAL 1954 FINISH IS IN TIME CAPSULE CONDITION****

Tuners are bright and shiny (like new).

Finish is time-capsule deep and lustrous everywhere.

No checking, cracking or anything at all. and it goes all the way down to a very deep dark, nearly black, chocolate brown. Neck is absolutely gorgeous.

Tone: Absolutely sublime, as you might expect. The P-90 pickup lives up to its legendary reputation -- thick, dark and sweet as maple syrup.

There is a small finish streak on the back (perhaps four inches long) where the guitar had been laying on its cable in the case which caused a tiny indent in the lacquer. It's quite superficial and hardly shows up in the photos, but it's something you should know.

There is virtually no fret wear, and tuners are in like new condition. Frankly, it is unlikely that you will ever find another guitar from this period in such spectacular, freshly lacquered condition, anywhere on earth!

This superb instrument is clearly in the very top 1 percent of its genre. I believe it to be the finest example of its kind currently in the open market.

Includes original tan-brown hardshell case, in very good-to-excellent condition (some minor scratches on the top, no cuts, looks nice, not all beat up, hardware is as sturdy and as intact as when new, though moderately tarnished. Original case has no logo.