Robert Ruck Classical Guitar 2003 Absolutely Gorgeous Rare Cedar/Brazilian Rosewood





Robert Ruck


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Ruck's innovative layout of nine fan braces with an additional light cross brace grid behind the bridge in place of the typical V. This bracing system has been used extensively in Ruck guitars since 2001, and produces a guitar with power, balance, sustain, deep, dark, syrup-rich basses and angelic, full, singing trebles. This one will surely make you weep with joy.

Note: This is NOT the average Ruck. It was a special order with numerous upgrades:

The back, sides, bridge and head veneer are all hand-matched, dark, beautifully-grained and rather expensive Brazilian rosewood (most are Indian rosewood).

Tuners are David E. Rodgers engraved nickel silver with oval mother-of-pearl buttons (most are fitted with much less expensive Japanese Gotoh tuners). Rodgers tuners are arguably the world's finest -- they are incomparably smooth, hold your tuning precisely with no backlash, and add considerably to the overall beauty and elegance of the instrument.

Perhaps the most satisfying guitar you will ever have the opportunity to play. My former guitar guitar instructor (a well-known author and performer) once remarked that this instrument was,

"The most sensual guitar I've ever played."

An extraordinary guitar in exceptional condition.

IMPORTANT: In November of 2006 the guitar was sent to Ruck for a minor repair after an unusual accident at my home caused a small hole in the left (bass) side. Robert was kind enough to take time from his busy schedule to repair it personally for me, and has stated in a signed letter that the guitar is "...completely unaffected by this minor repair and can safely state that the life of the instrument is in no way affected by this repair." The repair is virtually invisible. I only mention it because it is the right thing to do.

While at Robert's shop, he took the liberty of re-polishing the instrument, so it is in nearly new condition, save for a few very tiny marks on the soundboard, and I mean "very few, and very tiny." There are no marks to be found anywhere else; it is in otherwise pristine, new condition!

Gorgeous, rare, dark Master grade Brazilian Rosewood back, sides, bridge, and head veneer; western red cedar top, Spanish cedar neck, moderately elevated ebony fingerboard for playing ease above the twelfth fret. 650mm scale, 53mm nut.

Unusually comfortable neck contour and low easy action set up (Robert made two bridge saddles for me at my request -- one standard, the other lower, both included), French polish top, synthetic varnish finish on body and neck, immaculate workmanship throughout. An extraordinarily elegant instrument by master builder Robert Ruck.

David E. Rodgers engraved nickel silver tuners with oval mother-of-pearl buttons complete this true work of art.

This is a much sought after instrument, with current market prices hovering around $20,000 --when and if you can actually get your hands on one -- as only one or two become available each year. You could have this one in your hands next week...

And, it appears that Brazilian Rosewood may no longer be available. I was extremely lucky to have had the opportunity to learn and play on this very wonderful instrument. Unfortunately, my current financial situation requires that I liquidate some of my most treasured belongings in order to create additional capital for a new business venture and, although I've been putting this off for quite some time, I must now offer my personal and beloved Robert Ruck guitar for acquisition.