FALCON EXCEL (D’Angelico Replica)







Excel (D'Angelico Replica)

Woods / Finish

Spruce / Maple

Scale Length


Nut Width

1 11/16"



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A little bit of history, a little bit of intrigue...

This is a one-of-a-kind replica of the original D'Angelico Excel made for Johnny Smith in 1950. I originally purchased this instrument from a British dealer who believed it was made in 1992.

This gorgeous guitar was once owned by French guitarist Marcel Dadi, a keen collector of D'Angelico originals and replicas. Dadi, a very close friend of Chet Atkins, perished in the TWA flight 800 tragedy, and the guitar was subsequently sold from his shop after his death.

We believe it has a single floating HI-A pickup made by Bartolini (unable to verify), and no tone control. According to Bartolini's Web site, HI-A pickups were manufactured from 1973 until 1978. It delivers gorgeous, warm jazz perfection.

Guitar is constructed of solid spruce top, maple sides and back, three-piece maple-ebony-maple neck with ebony fretboard. It has ivoroid binding on front, back, f-holes and neck, and masterfully crafted brilliant mother-of-pearl inlays.

The tone from this instrument is absolutely stunning: smooth, clear and bell-like with ringing clarity and excellent acoustic projection. Amazingly balanced from top to bottom. It is a very elegant piece.

A thorough look inside by two experienced luthiers has revealed an exceptional build, but absolutely no identifying signature, date or any other marks that might have told us who the builder was, so it is impossible for me to verify or guarantee its construction. One also expressed his feeling that the slender Johnny Smith styled neck and magnificent headstock could well be original D'Angelico stock, much of which was sold to various collectors when John D. passed away. It is that good. Everyone who has ever played it has said exactly the same thing. "Just incredible."

Includes beautiful custom Cedar Creek Deluxe Faux Alligator Case with purple plush lining which I specifically had made for The Falcon.

SPECS: 17" Body Width, 3" Body Depth, 25 1/2" Scale, 1 11/16 Nut